Please pause for a moment.

The Recent Changes have been flooded with them. Not only are we uncapitalising articles, we are now also extending it to categories as well.

We renamed articles this way such that we can link our articles to other articles without double-hyperlinking.

It looks better on our articles.

However, Wikia's Mediawiki processes categories such that the first letter still remains capitalised.

It looks plain wrong, against the basic guidelines of English.

Look again, at our (completely moved) Main games category. Our Interactive objects category. Doesn't it look awkward?

Perhaps it would be better to stick to full capitalisation for our categories. Additionally, they only occupy the last few lines of our article coding, and are so simple to add with autofill.

Please do discuss before proceeding before it gets out of hand >.<

-concerned team member-

SQhi(talk)52k edit 18:10, July 20, 2012 (UTC)

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