Recently, I'm sure most of you would have noticed that I hadn't been truly active on Nitrome Wiki. Yes, I am editing far less often than I potentially can, and astronomical units from what I expect of myself.

If only life would give me a breather, and be more gentle.

My grandfather

I lost my last grandparent. 18 January.

With 10 hours per day spent at college, daily visiting hours at the hospital did take up a lot of time. No qualms, I was doing my part as a filial grandson.

University admissions

University admission in Asia can be fiendishly competitive. Hope you have heard of it before in the news. So the tutors are going really hard on us, so is the college, pushing us. Homework for multiple subjects nearly every day, tests, assessments and exams every other month. You get the idea of my lifestyle.

Roles and responsibilities

Since, well, I'm in the senior year, I have more responsibilities heaped upon me. I am in the class committee, so yes I have to look after the welfare of the class and ensure the class gets what it needs. Example, lecture notes etc.

Also, I have to take charge of the juniors in my public speaking club...


Well, we universities-hopefuls need some of these to boost our portfolio.

I don't know how well I wrote this blog post, because even now it's late at night and I have to sleep soon to ensure I don't collapse from exhaustion. I felt bad and strongly felt the urge to account for my lack of contributions.\

I better sleep now.

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