Since Takeshi's post has become overinflated, I thought I should start a new post to clear things up.

So far this is what we've been doing to resolve the problem.

Wind back to find out what has happened(done)

Replied to Mr Morris on Twitter(if no response i'll email him personally next)

Takeshi's email to Nitrome explaining what happened.

What I also propose: Requesting Santi to answer on the Nitrome Facebook Page on our behalf to let Nitromians know what happened, and what we have done to resolve this.

NOBODY should also lift the block on Mr Morris now that we have established he has edited in good faith.(lifted on 2 out of 3, what about (Nope, that was another matter entirely. This IP address is not Mr Morris.)

03:43, August 26, 2012 (UTC)

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