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Praying that I shall survive. Having faith that I shall be promoted.

Dear everyone. If you had been observing every edit on Recent Changes, you would have seen a new countdown I had set up. Another clue is my very low participation in Nitrome Wiki for the past few weeks. This is because I am in a critical examination period.

This promotional examination determines if I shall be promoted to my final pre-university year. Based on my research, it may be considered te equivalent of senior year. Hence, it is of paramount importance that I excel in this examination.

This is indeed a harsh assessment period. Even after my promotional examination, I am subjected to the final stages of coursework for the national university entrance examination, up to mid November.

I are really many items on my agenda for Nitrome Wiki, and I apologise for the lack of commitment for these few months.

The countdown above is real-time, it's serious. Once the counter hits 0 seconds, I would be sitted in an exam hall, hearing the words "All the best, you may begin."

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