Hi my dear Nitromians! This blog will be in similar style to some of the recent blogs, it starts out small and gets expanded!

20:23, December 31, 2012 (UTC)

2013 sweeps across Oceania and Asia, and shall arrive at your shores. Another year gone by, fading into history.

May I wish everyone a fruitful year ahead!

SQhi(talk)Diamond 20:23, December 31, 2012 (UTC)

P.S.:Yes, I can't think of what to write!

Insensitivity to the new year cheer

Yes, I have renamed Web Log to Journal! =]

2013 feels like just another year to me. Another year of work, of studying. Perhaps it has to do with me approaching two decades of human life on Earth. Some festivities which used to fascinate me eons ago have lost their charm on me. Adulthood, be it the death of childhood?

SQhi(talk)Diamond 08:31, January 1, 2013 (UTC)

Mah Avatar!

Yes, it is time for another entry in the journal.

Last week, Santiago González Martín left a kind note on my talk page, offering to make me an avatar since I never had one!

How can this be? The status quo is unacceptable! SQhi, one of the top 10 users of Nitrome Wiki(edit volume), only uses the default avatar? SQhi, who may appear on the Main Page of Wikia under Nitrome Wiki? (see Nitrome:Promote)

Ya, the default avatar is indeed really really bland. So until then when I do have a proper avatar, I shall have a customised placeholder, so that it would be 1000% easier to recognise me in chat and blog comments et cetera.

And yep, since I mentioned Santi. Santi, I hope you don't mind me borrowing code from your Christmas blog post, cost I liked it so much!

SQhi(talk)Diamond 16:20, January 4, 2013 (UTC)

avatar placeholder

Crafting the Avatar

Yes, it is already February, but I have not finished this blog. Sorry for the drag!

For the observant, you've noticed I've tried to shift the header to the right. Hope this aids in expanding and collapsing section.

So here's a brief narrative on how I drew my avatar. I found an online drawing program, somewhat like paint but better here and I drew a green smiley face.

I don't think that really make sense. It's the simple version for the general public. The real story goes deeper.

Actually, I had been thinking of creating an avatar which can be used universally irregardless of which Wikia wiki I am posting on. I wanted something more... artistic, so I thought about drawing out SQhi in green calligraphy. So began my search for a program that can mimic calligraphy style strokes. Unluckily, no luck, so with whatever paintbrush-simulation program I had open, I drew a green smiley face to brighten my mood. And it looked so... cheerful!

Yes, that green is one of my favourites!

Meanwhile, does anyone have any calligraphy programs to recommend? Thanks~!

The recent lack of activities

I would like to apologise for my recent lack of contributions to Nitrome Wiki. Factors have converged, emerging as sky-scraping roadblocks holding me back from discharging my duties and doing my part as an involved and active contributor.

For more information, please see User_blog:SQhi/The_cruelty_of_life:_Admissions_of_an_editor_in_tetiary_education

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