This is more of a personal weblog than a blog for the community, however, feel free to comment.


28px-Yes_check.svg.png Wiki-content licensing (to start)

28px-Yes_check.svg.png Template for ongoing discussions (to start working on it)

28px-Yes_check.svg.pngForum:A template for ongoing discussions
28px-Yes_check.svg.pngUser blog:SQhi/New! Ongoing Discussions Template


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  • Miniclip Awards for Featured Article

This agenda is by no means time-bound, but gives me a guideline of what to work on for the next week or so.

Nope, no article projects because with the release of Icebreaker I guess almost everyone would be busy with it. Also, can't really help out much in the area of games, because honestly, I haven't played a Nitrome game yet this year.

Agenda Closed

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