It looks like quite a number of people have been absent these few weeks. This blog is here to help you catch up!

First up, the November update. If necessary, a December update will be underway.


These blogs need some care and concern. Look at their number of comments!

  1. SQhi/Diamond Dedication
  2. Random-storykeeper/Great wiki news
  3. Austincarter4ever/Trip to MoMa
  4. Ayernam/What's your favorite game?
  5. Austincarter4ever/Come Celebrate Nitrome Must Die's First Birthday!
  6. Scary Nitrome goat/Just getting started. and Scary Nitrome goat/Finished!
  7. Grammar Cat/The Humor Blog Post!
  8. NOBODY/Enough Plumbers...they tried to sabotage my computer!
  9. Takeshi64/365 1/2 days

Notable Events!

Any thing left out, any broken links, say!

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