Hi, i;ve been really busy so although there is a ton of things I want to do for the wiki time just does not permit D=

I decided I should stop putting this off because the longer I delay the more damage would have been done.

I wonder if anyone have noticed it yet, but one salient feature of navboxes we fail to appreciate is, the page on which we are on would be highlighted in black bold font.

Do note that I have made a temporary adition to illustrate my point.

Now, open the nav box after visiting these pages.


Standalone page

Hot Air is in bold.


Green Pad is not in bold.

This would happen after you click on the navbox Green Pad link.


Green Pad is in bold.

The page link in navbox is highlighted in the redirect page instead.

So, when you move a page, please please do update the template link such that it points directly to the page. As well.

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