Call for more nominations

We only have a few featured articles left in the queue. Would appreciate it if you would take the time to recommend any good articles you know of! Thank you.

January Featured Article Update

Dear all, sorry for the late update, nearly overdue by 15 days! Featured Articles are supposed to be updated on the 15th of every month(current agreed upon interval).

Because of this, should the February Featured Article, Interactive Objects (Droplets) be pushed back to March 15th?

I have since taken steps to prevent a repeat. I have set a repeating reminder on the 15th of every month on my phone.

Unresolved issues with the next featured article

Random raised a point on the interactive objects article and we have yet to reach an agreement, could we discuss it asap?

Featured Article Spoiler Warning

Back in October, we were about to feature Giant spike ball but Random was concerned about leaving a bad impression when readers were led astray to a spoiler article. We also discussed concerns about having an aesthetically pleasing forewarning. I created Template:FeaturedArticle/Spoiler as a result. It was used together with this spoiler article.

Is everyone fine with (1) the design) and (2) using it whenever we feature a spoiler article.

Display:   Warning: Spoiler Article  

Featured Article Nomination Archive Headers

Could we standardise both the nomination page and the archive page, such that each discussion would use third level and forth level headings? This is for the sake of consistency, such that archiving would be as simple as cut and paste?

That is all for now~~

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