Edit #2001

Clang. Clang. Two chimes of the edit bell. SQhi has surpassed 2000 edits.

I, SQhi, would like to dedicate my 2000th edit milestone to none other than Axiy.

I strongly feel that Axiy deserves great recognition for his dedication and discipline.

Axiy is an active and frequent contributor to the Nitrome Wiki world of one year and counting. He contributes to Nitrome Wiki, and works on his creations on Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki. He is currently the administrator of Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki.

Axiy is a very dedicated contributor. He is one of two holders of the legendary diamond A Wiki Life badge. While we celebrate and applaud NOBODY on his platinum Wiki Hero achievement, I shall not let Axiy's be overshadowed.

Axiy contributed daily to Nitrome Wiki continuously over a long period, from 23 August 2011 to 16 July 2012. Yes, that's right. See Axiy's Contributions. To let the gravity of that sink in, I shall let you do the math.

Axiy has also contributed plenty in the image domain. Axiy uploaded images to Nitrome Wiki, and many of them are quality transparent images. Axiy's patience in capturing images is also evident in the featured photos on his userpage.

I am sure Axiy has been a great inspiration and a good role model for us all along.

Signed. SQhi(talk)2000 edits21:46, October 29, 2012 (UTC)

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