Hello people! Again, another blog post made by me. The topic this time is, what is happening towards Nitrome towers?

You may answer "they're making games, of course". I think so, but, how come they're not releasing at least one game per month, or instead finishing IceBreaker iOS? If they would just doing one of these things, we could think "they're not making flash games this month because they're going to finish IceBreaker next week", or "they're not releasing the iOS game because they want to keep releasing at least one flash game per month", but at the moment, it looks like everything has just stopped (I know this isn't true). This month, they have made B.C. Bow Contest supporting Touchy controls.

In fact, this year they have released two games, not counting BCBC and TW2. And where's IceBreaker iOS? The info given by Nitrome is so sparce, and we only know that it's been delayed for 4 months. Or they're working so slowly now, or the development percentages of the past year were incredibly incorrect. 80% in august of 2012, and 95% in May of 2013? Let's estimate the hypothetical development time: Nitrome would have been making this game for 60 months, that is 5 years. Are we among Super Feed Me 2? At first, I didn't think so, but each day, each week, each month of delay, that thought becomes bigger and bigger.

What do think about all this? Also, it's a bit off-topic, but what ideas do you have concerning the logo for May? I'm very dissapoined with the above topic and I don't know if you want to see a logo about already existing games.


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