Hello humans, aliens, atoms, or anything reading that. I have only a few minutes to write that, so:

The first time I saw the PixelLove section, I didn't like the idea of having an external game in, but finally I thought it was okay to often feature a game the team like, and I thought they wouldn't feature another game in a couple of months.

When Nitrome featured the second game, I felt angry because only 7 days later they featured another one, and I led Nitrome know in their Facebook page.

Today, I read at an image that Nitrome is planning to show us a non-nitrome game each monday! I don't like it. I go to because I want to play Nitrome games. If I want to play lots of different games, I would go to multidev sites, don't you think so?

Anyway, I didn't hear any complaint here, so I don't know what do you think about this. Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't like that...

Comment and let me know your opinion!

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