Hello, fellow Nitromians and Wikians! Merry Christmas to you all!
This winter break I've been working on lots of things, I've updated several templates and added some CSS code to make the wiki more visually appealing! Another project I've been working on, but that isn't finished yet, is a new background for the wiki. The current one is not bad, but if I can make a better and prettier one, and with lots of more characters, why not do it? I started working on it this tuesday, and it's progressing correctly. I don't want to do it as fast as possible, I want to take my time to keep it with a high quality.
Like the current background, the new one contains four panels, each one with its own theme. Currently I've completed 3 panels, and the fourth panel is empty. Here's a preview:

Link to image

I've thought about letting the community give suggestions on the last panel. Here are some of the topics I would like to get feedback on:

  • Which theme should the last panel be based on? Current panels are based on winter games, destruction and space.
  • Should I add/replace extra characters to the panels I've already made?
  • What do you think about the overall style of the background?
  • What's your opinion on the little gags/conversations added to some characters?
  • Which character/enemy would you like to see in the background (I can't promise I'll add all of them)?

Even the smallest bit of feedback is appreciated. Thank you and again, Merry Christmas!

Fault FauSign.png Liner 21:21, December 25, 2014 (UTC)

UPDATE: Background finished!

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