From a few months ago, I saw other (better) wikis to take codes to Nitrome Wiki (eg. "new" contents section's code was taken from Zelda Wiki's one).
Recently, one of those times, I noticed that each Wiki has its own headings. I thought: Okay, I will do it!
First I tried to use this:

Nitrome WikiHeadingA4

But I noticed that in the mainpage it doesn't work correctly. I had two options:

  1. Ask to Wikia or
  2. Take the text as part of the image

I decided to take the text as part of the image, and use it to put Nitrome's words. And this is the result:
What's New Contents This Month's Logo
At the moment all of this is W.I.P. (Work In Progress), and I want to ask you what do you think.

Good Bye!

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