Hi unregistered user!
Today it's Christmas, and I want to show you the gifts that I made for Nitrome Wiki (for the people in here):

  1. Background: I made a special background. Description? In another blog post!
  2. Contributing: I'm spending my holidays in contributing a lot!
  3. Video Walkthroughs: I'm uploading videos of Rubble Trouble Moscow and putting them in the game's article because I finished it.
  4. Big Image: I made an image that says "Happy Holidays" and I put it in the front page, and in some users' talk pages.
  5. Logo: Since September 17th, I make the each month's logo, and I finished today the January's Logo. Do you want a preview? If five different people comment, I will upload it before!

As you can see, they are my Christmas' gifts this year. My question is: What gifts did you made for Nitrome Wiki (I have curiosity)?

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