Hello guys, and welcome to another blog post made by me! I don't make too much blog posts, but I wanted to share this experience with all of you.
Today, I wake up relatively early because I went with my friends to ride in bike. From the morning to the hour of launch, we rode and some other things.
Well, I went with my three best friends, two fathers of my friends, my friend's little sister, my father, my little brother and me (I will not say their names because they will seem strange for you).
We had all of us our respective bike. We go fast and with a lot of energy to a park, that is a little bit away of our houses. We spent some time, and maybe thirty minutes later, we were there, in the park (trivia:it's bigger than the Central Park).
We stopped and played football (soccer). We played in a part of grass, but it was very long and we get tired after a while. Anyway we continued playing, but all of us were only walking. We finished and we continued in the bike.
We went near a lake and we noticed it was frozen. We threw (or throwed?) some sticks to te lake, but the ice didn't break. We took some pictures and we get some pieces of ice.
Then, we rode some time and we went to our houses. It was harder because we were tired and also we had to ride the road uphill. Finally, we came back very tired. As soon as I arrived, I jump to the sofa. Whatever, I get enough energy to write this.
Sorry if it was too long, but I wanted to let you know this! Good bye!

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