Hello everyone! Hello, everyone again! I just wanted to make a big blog post. Why today? Because today is special day: <span style="mode:extremely crazy"> 17 (today) + 3 (this month) + 2012 (this year) = 2032, and 2 + 0 + 3 + 2 = 7 (number of NITROME letters), and 7 x 4 (the admins on this wiki) = 32 (exactly the two last digits of 2032), and finally, 32 / 2 (number of Zapo's hands) = 14, the years that I have now! </span>

Nitromizing Template:Mouse and Template:Kbd

PC Mouse Left Click.png
Mouse example
Key example

As you can see, I made some changes to those templates. I mainly added some cool cool pixeled images. The first was the mouse that appears in Nitrome when you play a game that it's controlled with the mouse. I only highlighted the buttons in each case with red.
In the other template, at first I wanted to use the keyboard by Nitrome, but the keys were so small and I made my own keys. After making them, I noticed that {{Kbd|Spacebar}} was not used. I added it to some pages, but I need help to add it to more pages. Could you help me?
Also, my templates became popular! RSK asked me to use it in Neutronized Wiki! Yay!

Background 2.0

I started making the Nitrome Wiki's Background 2.0! It will be really cool! I think I could tell you a little bit how it will be...
Since Nitrome changed the Greatest Games section to Picks (Nitrome's fetured games), I decided that I could make another totally different background, namely, re-doing it, with my new knowledge. The background will have major quality and more characters.
To be sure of all of you will love the background, I will add the favourite characters of the users in this wiki! That was the preview!
Now you have to wait untill it's finished, and sorry, but I will spend some weeks to do it, to make it as best as I can!

Spanish Nitrome Wiki

I think the next holidays I will edit a little bit at this wiki. If any user as IJZM or The Nitrome Yeti wants to edit with me, it would be fine! I suggest at the moment only creating Games pages, and once they're fnished, start with Main Characters, Enemies, etc.

Testing Subjects in my Sandbox

Recently I tested some things in my sandbox. Maybe we could use them for something. You can provide feedback in the comments of this blog post.

Navbox without corners

I think it looks so good. I suggest modifying the curreny Navbox template and make it like this:

What do you think? Would you like to use them?

Multiple image template

Double Zapo!

I personally thik that it would be so useful. I saw it in Wikipedia, at this page. I will show you an example of how to use it. The code below makes what happens at the right:

{{multiple image
| align     = right
| direction = vertical
| width     = 50
| image1    = Zapo.png
| width1    = 
| alt1      = 
| caption1  = Zapo!
| image2    = Zapo.png
| width2    = 
| alt2      = 
| caption2  = Double Zapo!

Since it's originally from Wikipedia, the template's documentation has some errors. I would like if you help me with that (I don't understand those long codes).

Finally, thanks to everyone!

Since 13:47, March 17, 2012 (UTC), I can say that nobody congatulated me (just kidding with a pun)!
Thanks to everyone who sended me a special message, I felt very happy reading (and seeing) your messages. A lot of thanks too for all the users who contribute to the wiki! It doesn't matter how much time do you spend here, the important point is to contribute! =D

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post, and,

Thanks again!
Santi-Zapo45pxB.T.W.- 1000 mainspace edits!15:08, March 17, 2012 (UTC)