Hello Nitromians and Wikians (maybe Nitrome Wikians?), it's me again, with something that requires your help, and I think you might like the idea.

You know Christmas is coming (yay!), so special logos and backgrounds will be made, like the past year. The logo is being made cooperatively by NOBODY, Ayernam and me (it will be really awesome), and a few days ago I had an idea related to the background. The idea is:

Just now I'm starting a contest/cooperative work. Everyone can contribute to the background by uploading and adding here a piece of background. The piece has to be a funny or good looking screenshot (you can edit it, but everything has to be from the game) of a winter game, and its size has to be 100x50, 50x50 or 50x100. The image cannot be resized (it has to show us Nitrome's great pixels) and also, do it as cool as you can.

Before adding it, be sure to check that there isn't already an image about the game you thought to do, because I will add images from different games. As an example of what to do, you can check out the Logos. Oh, also, each user can upload several images, but about the different games.

Please add the images as fast as you can, and you can reserve a screenshot before doing it, but the images have to be uploaded before this sunday, because I have to make the background soon.

I'll try to add all your images, but if there are too many submissions, maybe I'll have to remove some of them. Good luck, goodbye, and Merry Christmas!

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