Hi guys! As I told you in previous blog posts, I'm making the Background 2.0 and the Monobook logo 2.0 for the wiki. I will tell you how I'm going:

Monobook Logo 2.0

It's finished! You can see it as the logo if you change the wikia skin to Monobook in your preferences.
For the people that use the actual skin (almost all of us), this logo will be a section of the background 2.0, but the characters will be seen bigger (in normal size). What do you think about it? Provide feedback in the comments! =D
So, the progress of the Monobook Logo 2.0 is 100%!

Background 2.0

It's not finished, but I think that it's at 50% now, since I made two of the four sections!
It include a lot of characters per section, and, I will include the favourite characters of the people at this wiki! What character do you want to put in the Background? Tell it to me in the comments!
The first section (already finished) it's only for admins (Emitewiki2, Random-storykeeper, NOBODY, and me!). Here it's a little preview of the image that I made for Emitewiki2:


Do you like it? That's only a little part of the background! =D
So, the logo progress is 100% and the background one is 50%... 150 of 200 is 75% in total!
Goodbye! Fault FauSign.png Liner 14:22, March 24, 2012 (UTC)

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