Okay. I'm gonna tell you all what happened to get a clear thing on what happened.

At first, I was angry at a user Serbian Wikian for saying something that I think was offensive. And then I thought why don't I report the Wikia Staff for him being -13. After reporting everyone started to think that I'm rude and stuff. Today the respond came, and I saw that they WON'T ban him. I was going to tell that in chat when AC4E, Klem, Mega, Mark and Mixlix were in the chat. I was gonna tell them that but before that Mix started to make me angry. Sometime earlier in today, Mark said an inapropriate word which I cannot tell. I don't know why but Mega kicked me 4 times. He said one time was accident, but at the first time Mark said "Mega kick him", and then Mega kicked me. I was very shocked that time. I was thinking why did Mega listen to me. When I entered the chat I said why did you kick me? Mega answered, Don't look at me, Mark told me to kick you. I said then kick Klem. He kicked me again. When I entered the chat again, I asked "Why am I kicked now?" Mega answered, for bad behavior. I then wanted to ask some questions about why Mark said to Mega to kick me, but when I was gonna write it Mega kicked me again. I entered the chat room again and then Mega said "Oops wrong button". I was going to write the questions again then Mix said "Mahsaad these kicks are warning, after these you will be banned for ever." I was gonna say something then Mega kicked me AGAIN. I entered the chat again, and Mega said I will be banned for swearing. Okay, I tell that I did swear in Klem's PM because I was very angry that time. Anyways, then I said that if you can ban me ban Mark too, because he said, <F word here> you. I think Mega thought I told that to him in rage. And now, I'm banned. For no reason. I was gonna explain the whole thing but Mega took the decision too fast. I hope I will get help.

I thought Klem could understand the matter. AC4E too. They didn't. Because of me being very upsetting to them. I don't understand why I can't earn anyone's trust. I believe all of this happening because of Mixlix's bad behaviour to me. If we didn't behave bad to me, the matter wouldn't grow this large, including my leaving of the Nitrome Wiki.

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