Things to stuff and do to see - oops I'm referencing old LP videos here.

Funny how even on summer break, one can still find themselves in a tight jam. Work, stress, worry: the sediments all accumulate and cloud a clear mind. Part of me believes I wasn't in the right condition to write a proper response to a discussion but due to the urgencies, it seemed to be necessary at the right time, and now, messes have been made. It's all part of the learning process I suppose!

This blog post is just a quick overview of discussions that need to be tended to, along with tasks that I plan to get done but most likely never will. If you can, give your two cents and lend your opinion, or forever hold your peace I guess.

Forum discussions

Reexamine these

Tasks that most likely should be done

  • Flash slider GIFs to be captured, Slider subpages to be redesigned so that they're a little easier to navigate.
  • Rehaul Template:Navbox so that it uses MediaWiki's default collapsible code rather than the deprecated ShowHide.
  • Add a default design to Template:Navbox so it doesn't look ugly without any formatting whatsoever.
  • Optimise and fix some of the older startups GIFs, along with the ones that skip

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