This is just a quick heads-up on something I noticed when browsing today: the show/hide code on the Wiki's JS is broken, so collapsible templates have lost their ability to collapse properly on the class "collapsible collapsed". It seems as though the problem lies in the show/hide code itself, as this has happened to multiple Wikis and has been reported on the ShowHide talk page.

I'm not certain when this issue will be fixed, but for now, I've changed the class for Template:Spoiler and Template:Spoiler/mini to the mw-collapsible class, and have found a code that changes the text so that there's no more garbled characters in the mess of the link. I might be able to change the text for other select templates using the class "collapsible collapsed".

The navboxes, however, are another story. My apologies for the inconvenience.

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