I must be quick about writing this, so I won't have time to give you a proper introduction as to why I can say I'm back.

Anyways, I found a lot of images sitting there in Special:UnusedFiles. These were uploaded to the Wiki, most of them way back before I knew of Nitrome Wiki's existence, and I think we should either find some use for them or delete them. Of course, some of these images seem to have a good purpose on pages yet they were removed for whatever reason.

I need help from you all. There are (or were) lots of Parasite and Mutiny pictures in the unused files report. I haven't played Parasite since a few months after the release, and never got past level 5...I think. (It's been a long time.) As for Mutiny, I've only played it once or twice with my sister in two player mode. I'll do my best to recruit the ones I don't know which pages it should go on. I have a good idea where some of them go, well, maybe not the map ones.


Hmm....and also found some others.

Plus a ton of Spacescape crops from the full image.

I know this blog post isn't exactly structured too well, but what should be done with the images I just put up on here?

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