This week was reading break, but one week off simply meant so much more to get done crammed into the course of seven days. I had a list of things I wanted to do during this week, but there wasn't enough time.

On the bright side, there were some things on my list I did get done. I finally got to play Cheese Dreams New Moon in its (almost) entirety and discovered the levels take a huge amount of time to beat. It reminds me of Nanobots to some extent. Nonetheless, I discovered my love for the Cheese Dreams series in there and rescued every planet except for the sun. :/

I moved on to playing Pixel Love games, particularly finishing my video playthroughs of Ripple Dot Zero and trying to beat Underbyte. Why Underbyte? Because it's fun, obviously. For some reason I keep forgetting the P button corresponds to the invincibility powerup and press it when there are no enemies in the area. I've done this in pretty much every game I've played of it - the other times, I was too careless with my health and ended up in some enemy-concentrated area with 200 points. It was not a good decision at all, lol.

Speaking of Pixel Love, I was able to buy the soundtracks to some of the games I've had my eye on since the games were featured. Particularly these were Tower of Heaven, Cat Astro Phi and Seedling. Seedling and Cat Astro Phi have unique tunes and some great beats while Tower of Heaven's recurring theme is probably one you'll never get sick of.

Now for something sort of wiki related

What I was hoping to get done for the wiki was to do with policy pages. Earlier in the year I created WIP policy pages on Nitrome Pixel Love Wiki to do with videos and images. I never really got past the basic overview of methods for uploading pictures/videos but I did have stuff in mind for rules/guidelines when uploading pictures and videos. This mostly had to do with issues such as

  • when images require transparent backgrounds
  • file extensions
  • only keeping key images/limiting number of GIFs on a page
  • image placement

and soforth. I'm going to formulate some set guidelines and then we can work it from there. That's not going to happen for a long while though so don't panic. :)

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