Well this was originally going to be a forum thread, kinda derailed into rambling.

This wiki seems to be leaning towards creating an article about Ultimate Briefcase, the first "published" game by Nitrome. But the concern seems to be: Is it "Nitrome" related enough?

My question to that is: If Ultimate Briefcase (and other published Nitrome games) should not have its own article on Nitrome Wiki, where else is it going to go?

It may be worth noting that Ultimate Briefcase is credited to Nitrome on the App Store - and by that I mean the same account where Nitrome has released mobile games of their own creation, such as Rust Bucket, Beneath The Lighthouse, Gopogo, etc. Nowhere in the game's description (in the store) is there any indication that another developer had created this. That information seems to only be made known to a consumer once they open the app and allow the startups to run. In this situation, I think it is understandable that a player will mostly associate this game with Nitrome more than Quite Fresh based on the App Store description alone.

That being said, Nitrome as a publisher seems to be a "quite fresh" idea (pun very intended), meaning I'm not sure if they are planning to keep all games they publish under the same "Nitrome" account, which would definitely lessen the "Nitrome" association. Based on all this, however, I think the "ultimate" plan would be to think long term. If we don't want to make a mainspace article on Nitrome published games (and their components), we could consider:

  • Namespace - Like Jam games, we could put Nitrome published game articles and their components in another namespace. I know Santi put in some CSS that can change the wiki's skin based on namespace - we can do the same for a published game's article so that it's more obvious that the article is based on a published game rather than a Nitrome game.
  • A separate wiki - I'm not too fond on this one, but it is an option. Like Pixel Love games, we could consider another sister wiki. My concern is that this would only be a viable choice if Nitrome publishes games on a regular basis. Pixel Love games were "released" on a regular basis, which is why that was enough for it to sustain its own, entire wiki.
  • As NOBODY (sort of) suggested, we can just mention and briefly cover the game (which will inevitably happen, at most) on a list or another article related to published games. Then we leave it to the wikis dedicated to the developers Nitrome is publishing from to create the articles for that published game.

What do you think would be ideal for this wiki to handle published games?

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