FANDOM were all dead on. Today does happen to be my birthday, and I must say I am extremely surprised to see that so many people remembered the date. It's also sad, because I haven't yet started to memorize anyone's birthdays here yet, except for Santi's, since it comes after mine. =)

I will tell you some more things...after I go eat. I just came back from school, which seemed to lose control of the thermostat today, and I'm hungry and sweating in 10 degree weather. I will return to tell you more maybe an hour or so. =D

~RSK out!


I am back! As I said, I was shocked to see that people remembered my birthday. To save time, I will condense all my replies into one:


even though *coughcough* it's technically not allowed on our Wiki due to our image policy, unless you can argue that it's fanart. =)

In honour of my birthday, I was planning on doing two things: make (another) quiz and change my avatar. The quiz thing will have to wait, because I haven't had any time to make it, but the avatar change is coming from something to do with Nitrome. Can you guess it based on these clues, or interesting facts? If you can guess from memory, you will...! Sorry, I'm not good at coming up with prizes for winning. Well, you can have bragging rights to being good at guessing, I guess.

  • It was the first game to be previewed on the new blog look.
  • It was a finalist in the JayisGames Best of 2011 awards in the same category as Katwalk and Sky Island.
  • It is one of my friend's favourite games.
  • Nitrome related the gameplay to Twin Shot's.

Will you guess which game the new avatar comes from? Will you guess what specific image? You will find out soon...

Thanks again Nitrome Wikians!


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