A while ago, a user on YouTube requested sheet music for Twin Shot. I created it and uploaded them to my DeviantART account, but later got a message back saying the user couldn't access it. In a merely low attempt to find alternate ways around this (I haven't replied in a while, sorry!) I've decided to try posting this on my blog on Nitrome Wiki. Tumblr timed out on me and reset all my written text and I really have no desire to write everything I wrote on there back.

The NFM 3 was supposed to come out a while ago, but I had to hold it back because I ended up going to school. And with my laptop, I still have yet to transfer everything I have recorded so far to it as well as put everything together. But...let's not get too ahead of ourselves.

Note: These might be huge, but there's no hope in resizing them. (Oh, I'm so pessimistic today.)

RSK out.

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