I just founded a group on DeviantART, called True Nitromians. It's supposed to be a group for Nitrome related fan art found on DeviantART, particularly because the only group I found on there pertaining to Nitrome was a one person, inactive, closed group.

So far I've been browsing through dA, submitting fanart to the group. It just has to wait for the artist's approval, and I hope that it would be soon. I also am considering drawing something related to Nitrome in hopes that I can actually get some fan art in the group and it won't look as blank as it is right now.

If any of you folks happen to have DeviantART, would you be so kind as to scope for Nitrome fan art and suggest them to the group? (Or even better, draw a piece yourself and submit it in!) Should you not be a deviant, I still invite you to check it out from time to time, because hopefully, the group will flourish with a ton of art and literature-Nitrome style!

--Random-StoryKeeper 21:05, May 1, 2011 (UTC)

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