Hey, it's pretty late at night so I'm going to make this quick.

With Nitrome Touchy getting pretty close to its takedown date, I am in the process of reformatting the controls page. It will list the controls of each individual game within sections, as well as opening with a more general approach to the Touchy controls.

Each game section is going to include a mini infobox as well as a small gallery. Some games have many Touchy related images, but it doesn't make sense to put them all on one page, considering how similar some of them look. The page itself, as a WIP, seems to lack images if all the galleries are collapsed, so I see it best to have a small gallery of three images in an uncollapsed "Gallery" template and then link to the related category to view all images. You can even do nifty things in categories like specify how many more files are in that category, so that the reader knows how many more related images there are to one game on Touchy.

For some reason, the PAGESINCATEGORY parameters are not working for our wiki. According to the MediaWiki help page, you can add |file to only pull the number of files (which I want), but I tested it on the sandbox and it seems to ignore the specification. Since the categories are only specific to images, it shouldn't be too huge of a deal, but it's just a heads up.

There are two subpages I've made for working on this. One is User:Random-storykeeper/Nitrome Touchy controls and I use it for note taking and playing around with formats. The other is User:Random-storykeeper/Nitrome Touchy controls final, which I'm using to construct the article for Nitrome Touchy/Controls. That page actually does need some updating, as some sections still appear to be written as though Touchy was not released yet. :P


  • Take and upload images of Touchy controls that may not have been uploaded yet.
  • Categorise the Touchy interface images by game, in their own specific images category.


  • For the mini infobox (Template:Infobox Touchy), should I include a game name parameter?
  • Should I upload higher resolutions of each of the Touchy controls? Or is it fine to leave the images in their smaller size?

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