Welcome to another RSK blog post, based on the principle of "The Three Ps". What could they possibly stand for?


Preloads are now available on the wiki editor whenever you create a new page! To see how this works, visit Special:CreatePage and open up the editor to a random, nonexistant page title. There, in blue links, are the preloads!

So how do preloads work, exactly? Well, clicking on a link that matches the type of page you're creating inserts the necessary headings, templates and other information needed to create the page. Saves time from having to copy an infobox by hand, eh[1]?

Of course, you may not need all the headings inserted. You may even need additional headings. That's completely fine. They're only meant as a quick-start guideline and can be flexible. It is not a "this-is-exactly-how-all-pages-should-look-like-with-no-exceptions-whatsoever".

Preloads work best with redlinks, however, since clicking a preload link on Special:CreatePage prompts you to retype the title again. Probably not too big of a deal, is it?


Nitrome Wiki is back on, with new updates. Having only Touchy being promoted seemed a bit out-of-date now, considering the amount of events at Nitrome that have occurred since then. We are also able to add additional pictures, so I added some saved pics from various pages on the wiki. What I didn't know is that these images would be uploaded under another name as duplicates to the wiki, which is unfortunate, but Special:Promote doesn't allow admins to choose from already existing photos on the wiki, which would be a ton more convenient. Anyways, see if you can spot Nitrome Wiki on, with the Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage screenshot! Here are a few I took when I found our page:

They're large images!


...for two things.

Are you excited for Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage? Will you be getting it once it's released? I'll be sure to, I think, unless it gets released in the summer. How will we cope with new iOS information if Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage is packed with information? We may have to split apart sections into articles, or maybe look to see if there's anything that can be merged together or has been repeated.

Speaking of which, preparations are especially necessary for tomorrow? After all, guess whose high school graduation is tomorrow? :D


  1. Come on, aren't we Canadians stereotyped for ending sentences with "eh"? Do I really say it that often?

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