This is the final hai.

I spent today cleaning up my userpage, deleting a whole bunch of user subpage clutter and basically preparing to slip away for tomorrow. The first day of university.

Yeah, sorry I keep flaunting it with these long blog posts and userpages. I'm worried that I'll have a repeat of last time and end up coming here, worrying about how the wiki is doing. I think it's because I'm going to miss you all a lot. Yep. All of you.

As a reply to all your talk messages, I do want to say that this whole wiki experience was quite an interesting yet fun and memorable time. I was amongst many users who shared my similar interests and some who didn't, but that was fine all the same. I might not have ever attempted Final Ninja Zero (couldn't stand Final Ninja at the time) if it were not for the interests of multiple users who highly recommended the game.

Your help with the wiki, your artwork, music, comments, all those I was happy to see and hear and read. Many good memories come to mind here, and I don't have time to list them all.

I don't plan to leave Nitrome Wiki for good, though I do plan to cease editing here for a while. I'm moving on to Nitrome Wiki's sister wiki, as well as the three or so other wikis I adopted but abandoned to help with Nitrome Wiki.

Thanks again, Nitrome Wiki. I'll see you all soon maybe. And thanks for that artwork, and goodbyes, and all that awesome music you shared. :)


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