A while back, Wikia introduced portable infoboxes, where infoboxes can now be created with simple wikicode without having to deal with parser functions and wikitables, which is what our infoboxes currently use. You may have seen notifications for these on the sidebar on our wiki or another wiki.

I only recently started trying it out on my own test wiki, since at first I was a bit annoyed with the notifications and was like "if it ain't broke don't fix it". But surprisingly, I actually like the new portable infobox, for a few reasons:

  • The image parameter can recognise a wide range of wikicode for images, be it if you put the thing in brackets, thumbnails or just plop in the file name "Image.ext", and configure it accordingly. *Images automatically resize to the width of the infobox without having to specify a width.
  • With the addition of a gallery tag, multiple images can go in multiple tabs, making it very easy to put in more than one image on the infobox, much like the equivalent of using the "tabber" tag in our current infoboxes.
  • You can collapse groups within an infobox. This can make it much easier to hide things like spoilers or long excessive groups without having to use mini spoiler tags.

If we were to carry out this overhaul, I can't imagine there would be too much to change if we kept all parameters. As I mentioned earlier, the image parameter seems to be able to configure both an image inserted as [[File:Image.png]] and Image.png, whereas our current infoboxes wouldn't. Really, the only thing that would change is the appearance, which you can observe on the help page. I would probably implement this first on Nitrome Pixel Love Wiki before trying to use it on this wiki - unless someone's willing to go portable now, which in that case I'm fine with.

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