I've been catching up with the excitement of Mega Mash recently. I thought I'd never beat level 10 with the fact that people were mentioning there were no checkpoints. Fortunately, there were a great number of heart pickups which made it a lot easier than I thought it would be. Now I finally reached level 14 (yeah, I'm that slow at games right now) and I can't remember off the top of my head what it was like.

The Space Dragon reminds me a lot of the serpent from Aquanaut, which needs to blown up in bombs in order to be defeated. The Space Dragon, on the other hand, is shot with a space ship. It was cool, what Nitrome did, to have the dragon turn into a bunch of blocks that you have to keep up with. Quite challenging, but fun.

At last it was time for me to change the Top ten list feature. I chose one that someone else had made already, since I admit, I'm kind of lazy to make my own. I wanted to make one about the best Steamlands level from the player pack, but I haven't played Steamlands enough to know which levels I like.

Finally, I've also scrapped Category:Nitrome completely! It was quite a hassle, but I think someone had been working through it beforehand to remove all the pages from that category. Now for the hard part: please don't add any pages and make a Category:Nitrome ever again. If you are unsure what category a page should go in, just take it in Category:Browse for now.

Okay. And lastly, I think with all the pages that have incomplete sections (particularly game ones) and ones that are poorly written should be featured on the main page for attention. Every user here should at least try and contribute something to the article in need. Only questions now are: what article to zone in on first and what should this feature be titled?

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