If you live where I live, in that wonderful place called Canada, you may notice our weather is totally out of whack. The people here...are even more so. (Just joking! It comes from How to Train Your Dragon, you know.)

No seriously. One minute I'm looking out the window and there's a beautiful blanket of snow covering the streets and falling heavenly from those gray clouds. The next time the snow disappears, and we get some sun, after the rain comes and washes the majority of it away. Afterwards, the grey clouds begin to darken, and soon rain patters from the sky. It begins to grow more intense and soon after that, BOOM! Thunderstorm. Lightning, thunder, lightning. And then the sun comes out again, and leaves me going, Wha?

Anyways, Nitrome apparently has done an awful lot of updating this week. They released Test Subject Blue, and I can't wait to start playing it! It sounds like it's really easy however, considering all the feedback from people's userpages I see. But still, if it's Nitrome, there's got to be something good about it.

I also fear I'm going to have to abandon my Updates assignments, anyway (sorry about that, NOBODY). You see, I've been heavily restricted from going on the computer "for fun" (yes, this is supposed to be considered fun) except on weekends which include Fridays for two hours maximum up to 11:00 PM where I live time, once all that homework of mine is completed. Well, yeah, I kind of snuck on right now to do my English assignment, but I'm still working on my Mandarin, and am multitasking. I'm also starting to get my writing groove again for Fanfiction, and am currently writing up a new fanfic for How to Train Your Dragon. So yes, life for me is starting to get a little hectic, but it'll be all right.

Now if you see me disappear for a week or so, think not of it as I have abandoned this Wiki, but rather, I'm trying to keep up with my other works of life. See me only on weekends, well, depending on where you live, and occasionally on weekdays when I want to take a break from homework. I'll be leaving for now to go try out Test Subject Blue...after I finish my Mandarin homework and begin to type out my English written work assignment. See you all around! =D

Contact ^.^ Random-storykeeper ^.^ aka (Doom) 05:34, March 4, 2011 (UTC)

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