What's up guys.

This week's gameathon will be hosted by yours truly. Which gameathon is it? I've lost count! We definitely need to get the gameathon page organised again.

Countdown: Huh. Looks like no countdown for you. :(

The suggestion form is here. As per usual, you do not need to be attending the gameathon in order to suggest a game.

For those of you who haven't attended a gameathon before or want to attend, basically on the date and time of the gameathon, enter chat and a link to the Hangouts will be provided. If it's not there, simply ping me by sending a message with "RSK" for the link. Keep in mind that gameathon events are usually streamed publicly; this week will probably be on the Nitrome Wiki YouTube channel.

Yep okay that's everything...hope to see you there!


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