Regarding the main page, I want to clean up the featured article nomination page we have already and start again with a new one. We should also considering working our way up some run-down articles and hopefully bring them up to a featured status.

In the two years I've been here on this Wiki, the featured article has only changed once. Feed Me was featured for well over a year before Nitrome Must Die and Hot Air went alongside it.

To make this new nomination page, we will need to get a lot more involved in discussions to do with this featured article as well as actually finding ones that might fit with the occasion. For instance, upon the release of Swindler, Dangle could have been featured because their gameplay is similar to each other. (Note that this is just an example, as Dangle, in the state it is now, is not a good example of featured article quality.)

What would be ideal to have as requirements for an article that is prominently showcased on the Wiki's main page? I have a few points in mind:

  1. The featured article doesn't have to be an article on a game necessarily. Looking at past featured articles on the Wiki, pretty much ALL have been games. Yes, game pages probably offer the most information as opposed to an article about an enemy or hazard, but that doesn't mean we can only featured JUST game pages. If there's another good page out there that isn't a game, it can be featured! That being said, the page does have to be a mainspace, meaning it can't start with stuff like User:, Talk: or Template:. I also don't think disambiguations are suitable candidates for a featured article.
  2. It probably shouldn't be an article with maintenance templates on it. The templates I had in mind defining "maintenance" were ones such as Template:Revise, Template:Stub, etc.
  3. As another point, the featured article, when actually featured, cannot have Template:WIP on it.

Concerning what qualifies as a featured article, the above is pretty much what I had in mind. What do you think of it?

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