By chance, I've noticed that a number of our Mega Mash videos have gone missing, particularly because the account associated with them is inactive.

While this may be the only one I've discovered thus far, it's probably a good idea to have some sort of project community page for video maintenance. I was pretty sure NOBODY had one for walkthroughs, which involved a complex case-by-case system for each video per game. Seems tedious, but hey, if it works for someone, then it's worth something.

So I'm not sure if NOBODY would consider allowing a merge of his video project with the additional task of addressing videos that are broken. Just a personal quip, but it might make sense to just focus on videos that could use improvements in areas such as quality, incorporating audio that isn't part of the game as well as the videos that disappear due to people removing them from their channels/making them private etc.

What makes the most sense: start a new project page? Is there a better way to effectively communicate areas of maintenance. I considered using the Community Portal, but I doubt anyone's really looked at that for a long while.

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