After spending time editing fire doodles, I realized that I was still stuck on level 32 of Power Up. I had played through it a few months back and the ending came after I completed level 31 - a level too early. So after I finished taking the WIP off the fire doodles page, I decided to see if I would be ready to beat it.

I had a method for beating the last level, but unfortunately, it didn't work the few months back. For some reason, the game got really buggy in the last level. The blocks were behaving really odd, and I even had pieces falling off the screen when I was so close to securing my victory over the entire game.

Penguin 1

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Nonetheless, after minutes of trying to get that last metal block up, I got a circuit going through the transformers, thus beating the game! The ending is so ironic though, because the menu music is quite happy, yet the ending is actually very...evil.

Power Up is quite a good game in terms of gameplay and level design, I must say. It takes a lot of patience to build good structures in some levels and I really like the artwork and music. It was also cool to see how they kept introducing new pieces, even throughout the later levels.

I'm just wondering, did any of you complete Power Up (or play it before)? If so, have you found the game glitchy? I must admit, it was one of the most glitchiest games I ever played, which is the only reason pretty much why I dislike it. I've listed them before, but I've encountered numerous bugs, such as:

  • The other transformer not powering up, even when a perfect circuit is formed.
  • Some pieces, when clicked, spin wildly in midair.
  • Magnetic pieces jerk when clicked or placed on a metal surface.
  • The chest sometimes gives the player extra pieces.
  • The chest does not close sometimes.
  • Pieces fall off the ground.
  • A white wisp of smoke sometimes appears, preventing pieces from being moved in the air in certain ways.
  • Sticky balloons seem to lose their stickiness once taken off the ground.

Besides the bugs, Power Up makes for a relaxing puzzle game. I bet you it's the transformers that caused all the mess. XD


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