First off, take a look at articles like Silly Sausage. Then look at articles like Rubble Trouble Moscow. Clearly there are differences, and not just in the choice of game. The levels section specifically is what I am talking about.

Before article comments were disabled, there was a discussion on Silly Sausage about whether walkthroughs of a level or pictures of a level were better. In sense, videos not only give readers a sense of what the level looks like, from start to finish, but also how to finish it. Screenshots are also good for "contained" levels (ie., ones that don't have the level fixed within a single screen, like Magneboy) and are good for simply describing what a level looks like. This is especially great for games where video walkthroughs look kind of...dumb. Take it, for example, Test Subject Arena. All levels are automatically unlocked the first time someone plays, and it's a multiplayer only game.

How should levels sections be done? Should a screenshot of the level or a video walkthrough go with it? Does it depend on the game? Perhaps it is a good idea to unify the game pages by making consistent level sections, and one way to go through with that is to only post video walkthroughs and not pictures. What do you think?

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