So I completed Parasite today! Despite how evil the main character can be, it was actually really fun to play. I just loved the artwork and how open each level was for exploration. Though frustrating, I also enjoyed flying around on those hard-to-control acorn cannons.

When Parasite was released, I hadn't discovered the Wiki yet. I was on summer vacation, and my friend told me about it when I came back. At first, I had trouble with level 7, where acorn cannons were introduced. This was about three years ago, so I think it was about time for a change. Now, the most challenging level was probably 19, where trying to steer an acorn cannon through a maze of spikes took multiple tries. I also got a bit lost on 15; there was only one path that could take me up and it was quite time consuming.

If you haven't noticed already, I've been playing a lot of Nitrome games lately that I thought I gave up on years ago when I first tried them. As a miniscule celebration, I'm documenting my victories in blog posts, along with some elements I like about the game. I did miss a couple, though. A while back, I also beat Cold Storage and Roly Poly. Cold Storage had suddenly become a lot easier, and I was able to beat it a lot faster than I could progress through levels 1-9 when I played it a while back. The music is pretty good, except after listening to one track for a while, I get annoyed of it and switch to the other, which helps to balance it out.

As for Roly Poly, I was stuck on level 30 for several months. Turns out, the strategy for passing it is actually quite simple. Breaking the level down into smaller sections and aiming to go to each of the "safe spots" per turn is what helped me pass the level, as a lot of time is given to pass the last level.

What Nitrome game to play now? Since Headcase has been stuck in my head for quite a while (no pun intended), I decided to try playing it again. Turns out, last time I played the game, I got stuck on level 6. I managed to pass it and got stuck on 7 for a while, but today, I stopped at level 13. It's quite a fun game, but also very challenging - it seems as though most hazards kill Norman instantly on contact and precise timing is absolutely necessary.

Well, that concludes this long blog post about playing Nitrome games. I'll look for something Wiki related to write time.

Until then,


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