It seems that there's some problems with naming pages, in two issues I've seen so far.

The first is regarding game pages. Seeing that Nitrome puts punctuation marks on the menu in some occasions (ex. Nitrome Must Die!!!! as opposed to Nitrome Must Die), users automatically rename them so that the page names have the punctuation in them. Admittedly, this does irritate me in some way, because page names supposedly should not have punctuation marks in their titles. (Linking a page with a punctuation in URL form means adding extra characters.)

Another reason is because users searching up games and linking them will find it a lot easier to link a page without having to add exclamation points. They just don't seem necessary. Even the games list on uses no punctuations. Browse through the games list and compare with the Nitrome Wiki game articles. You'll see that Nitrome Must Die is referred to as Nitrome Must Die and not Nitrome Must Die!!!!

The only instance where I see a game name with any punctuation is with the actual title screen, which I believe is to just add a little pizazz to the title and not to be referred to actually as that. Thus, I think punctuation marks should stay out of the titles for game pages. No one's actually going to search by them, and plus, I think it's a bit much to see when it shows up as the title when I'm reading a page.

The second issue is with lists. We have lists that are named List of X in Y, X (Y) and Y (X), where X refers to the component (ex. enemy, interactive object) and Y is the name of the game. Here are a few examples:

As you notice, the titles for lists are inconsistent with each other. What we should decide as a community is what to name them. Either we name ALL lists List of X in Y, X (Y) or Y (X). Otherwise, organizing these pages (and knowing what to name them) becomes very difficult. And, as I'm learning right now, consistency is very important for a Wiki.

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