After eons of waiting (LOL no, that's a definite exaggeration), Nitrome Wiki is finally reintroducing its featured article nomination page!

This page challenges you, fellow Nitromian who should probably think about getting an account soon, to find an article on this Wiki you think is an example of a great article. If you can't find one, why not help make one? If that doesn't sound like something you would do, you can at least help support the page by visiting it and participating in discussions for articles that are currently being nominated.

Admittedly, I am definitely new at making pages like this so I am certain that I probably didn't do something that would be more efficient. And it definitely wasn't easy, either. For instance, should nominations go on separate subpages or stay on the same page? And I mentioned only admins can close and decide nominations at this time, but I was thinking a few active users willing to help with the project (and are not necessarily admins) can also, in the future, lend a hand in closing discussions.

What has changed about the system? Not much, actually. Instead of sections on "Support" and "Objections", however, there will simply be one for discussing the article as a whole. I just want to see how that works instead of having individual sections for different opinions.

So, what article do you have in mind that you feel is yearning to be featured on our Wiki's main page? Visit the featured article nominations page and start making your nominations!

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