A while back, I started a fan blog on Tumblr, so I thought I'd share that on this wiki now.

The title, for the time being, is Nitromians. I couldn't think of a more appropriate URL, but we can always change it.

There's not really a whole lot of content, but I've basically been searching around Tumblr and DeviantART for Nitrome fanart. I'm also including screenshots of Nitrome games, some audio files and snippets of Nitrome trailers.

If possible, I could also share snippets of a wiki article and link to it so an interested visitor can read more on Nitrome Wiki. I might also consider sharing fanart from Nitrome Fanfiction Wiki, with links to where the original content was posted, of course.

So yeah, check it out, and follow it if you have a Tumblr. If not, do suggest posts / fanart etc that you would like featured on the fan blog.

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