After finding out how to record on iOS from Takeshi64 and Pufflesrcute, I decided to try it out. I got myself an iPod that supports Airplay (okay it was on clearance and I got an additional 10% off because employee's discount - yay!) as well as buying the program (which also happens to be on sale).

The first MAJOR issue I had was that the recording kept freezing every two seconds. I suspected it was the same thing that kept me from playing Touchy games well. Thankfully, I think I have it working for the most part. It seems to lag for Slayin iOS and Icebreaker A Viking Voyage when I try to record, but not for Lost Yeti. Maybe it had to do with the optimisation settings for the program, but I've only tried the latest optimisation setting in Lost Yeti so far. Thankfully, the lag is a lot less than it was yesterday.

I might be able to tinker around with my Wifi settings, and maybe get all programs to work so that we can get some A Viking Voyage walkthroughs and perhaps 8bit Doves.

I don't know if I want to get 8bit Doves yet...I'm a tad concerned about pricing, but there's also the fact that I didn't particularly enjoy the Jam game to begin with. Don't get me wrong: it was cute, but I wasn't interested in the way gameplay was laid out. Then again, I a) didn't get that far in 8bit Doves, and b) had the same feelings for Icebreaker. My thoughts for Icebreaker changed after buying A Viking Voyage. So maybe the same thing will be so for 8bit Doves.

In the meantime, enjoy this short video I just captured of Lost Yeti's second pack...? And tell me how your summer is going, because I've been feeling busy and not as keen on keeping up with the wiki as I used to.


Touchy update

Oh my gosh Touchy works. I just beat the first three levels of Colour Blind with no lag at all! I can't wait to try beat Swindler 2 with this. I think the first Swindler is the only game I've beaten entirely in Touchy until I had this lag problem.

*bangs fist onto wooden desk*

Now to find out why Unity can barely function on my computer...

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