A few blog posts ago, I questioned the titles of game pages and how some users were renaming them with punctuations or using the full name title. To help set the record straight, I wish to propose a naming rule for the titles of game pages.

When a user creates a game page for a released game, the title of the game should be named after the title it is given on Nitrome's Main games page list. For instance, notice how the title of Nitrome Must Die is given simply as "Nitrome Must Die" and not "Nitrome Must Die!!!!". The rule would simply be to name game pages after these given titles rather than the ones given on the game's title screen, for instance. This will help keep them shorter and to the point, and they'll be easier to link.

With other suggested page titles, though, they can still point as redirects to the given title on's games list so that users who are used to linking to the other titles can still use them if they wish.

Of course this might require a couple renames for game pages here and there. I'll help take care of that, though. As I've been mentioning all across this Wiki, probably (xD), I just got a new laptop for Christmas so I can't really help write articles at the moment until I start getting up some game saves here. I will be stopping my game page maintenance editing at Nitrome Must Die so I can do other tasks, like moving mass amounts of pages out of Category:Interactive Object to Category:Interactive Objects. You're welcome to help if you want.

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