Merry Christmas, Nitrome Wiki! I think this might be my first blog post on Christmas Day. I'm still waiting for my family to wake up so we can celebrate together, even if it is already 9 in the morning. Turns out, the older you get, the later you tend to sleep in. Haha.

I thought I would be able to edit more during my winter break, but unfortunately, that is not the case. I might not be allowed to edit here anymore, but will edit whenever possible.

About five days ago, Nitrome Fan Medley 3 was released. I created a preview for it about a year ago. Anyways, this one is different. It's all in one take, with one continuous play. It's, what you could call, a true medley.

Well, see you later, Nitrome Wiki. Whenever I can.

Watch this video

P.S. I love the skin and the snow effect, if I hadn't told you already. The snow runs quite smoothly, and is only truly noticeable whenever I open tabs. Then again, one shouldn't open too many tabs to speed up their computer. Or visit extremely long pages, *coughcough*.

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