It seems as though Nitrome Wiki's MediaWiki has ugraded to Version 1.19.0. I only began noticing this change as the Wiki started to look a bit...different. For instance, page histories and contributions now tell you how many bytes are added and subtracted from a page. Blank navbox templates now have a default look to them - text size is automatically adjusted and the width's default is now 100%. Well, I only had a look at this as my example.

When I first saw these changes, I thought it was rather odd. The other Wikis I had been editing had none of these changes. My first instinct was to check our Common.js and Common.css to see if changes were being made there - but obviously, that was not the case. I then realized, after comparing versions of Wikis to Nitrome Wiki, that Wikis with these noticeable changes had the latest MediaWiki - while Wikis without these changes still had version 1.16.

Now, whether the MediaWiki upgrade has anything to do with these changes or if I'm just seeing things still questions me. This, however, means that the navboxes our hard-working community of users and I have been coding will need to be readjusted - font sizes now have a default size, and we can remove the font-size: parameters from all of which we have added so far. Add that to our never-ending list of articles in dire need of attention, pages left to rename from moves and community disagreements to sort out and we'll have a lot of work to do in front of us for the summer.

For more information about the MediaWiki upgrade and what that is all about, read the blog post on Community Central.

And that concludes my MediaWiki rambling for today. Onto another subject...

I started summer school today. No, I'm taking it for advance credit, not because I failed anything. :P It's so I can take one less of the three main science courses (biology, chemistry, physics) during the school year. Not that it's mandatory to take all three.

It was also just yesterday that I finally came to my senses that robot sniper units could be destroyed in Final Ninja Zero, thus taking away the sniper. Now I can pass level 14 almost easily. Now that I look back, I can't believe I was stuck on that level for an entire week. I wonder what happened.

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