Over the week, I discovered three exciting things about Nitrome's game composer Lee Nicklen:

  1. He updated the Kayotix website! Of course, this update probably occured eons ago and I'm just too slow to notice anything xD. The Nitrome section is extra AWESOME - it includes extra tracks that never made it into the Nitrome games, such as Cold Storage, Chick Flick and Twang.
  2. He commented on my Fan Medley 2 today, advertising a new facebook fanpage he set up. It's offering some sweet remixes of tracks from Nitrome games! Right now I'm listening to the Bullethead extra remix track. There's also Skywire remix tracks being offered, it's going to be EPIC! =D I'm probably abusing that word right now.
  3. I went on to the Nitrome music page for the Kayotix website, and discovered that he had been on YouTube, and linked the second Fan Medley video on the Nitrome games music page! He's feeling pleased? I'm feeling honoured! xD

Not sure how many Nitromians remember Lee Nicklen's music (well actually, you probably play some of the games that he composed the music for, such as Skywire). The best track so far in my opinion is the extra track for Cold Storage. It has this adorable feel to it that makes me my head back and forth to the little recurring tune. It's cool how it builds up, first with the simple tune, then the beat, then a bass line, and then it goes down to this other cute little tune. See how I'm rambling there? That's how awesome this is! =D

Oh, and I also realized something: yesterday (or maybe two days ago according to the site's website clock) marks the day I joined Nitrome Wiki. I've been editing on this Wiki for a whole year! =)

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