Sadly, sadly, sadly, spring break is finally over! D= Great things happened this week, like me getting my learner's license! Now I can drive!

...well, sort of drive. I've only had one lesson, and am nowhere near getting on the road anytime soon. It's kind of scary, but really cool to get behind the wheel and start.

I'm going back to school on Monday! Sigh...I liked this computer thing I had for the entire week while I studied for the knowledge test on the website. Now I guess it's back to weekends only. Too bad; I'm quite close to finishing the Mallet Mania article, too!

By the way, Nitrome has so many new games coming out soon. It almost seems like they're releasing a game each week, even though they've been hinting a lot in their new style blog. Which do you suppose comes out first: Knight Trap, Steamlands, Super Feed Me or possibly even another game? The truth lies...well, since when does the truth lie? =D

Contact ^.^ Random-storykeeper ^.^ aka (Doom) 18:04, March 26, 2011 (UTC)

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