So if you're an avid trawler of WikiActivity, you may have already noticed the new module installed on the right rail. That feature, "Insights", was introduced this week.

For those of us who use RecentChanges, the change is not visible as far as I know, but Special:Insights can be added as a toolbar to be accessed easily. Of course, the feature is new, and basically seems like a more compact version of UncategorizedPages, WithoutImages, Deadendpages and Special:WantedPages but hey, I guess it lets new users know that these special pages exist and offers more ways to help out with the wiki - yay. An interesting thing to note though, is that the equivalent of WithoutImages at Special:Insights/withoutimages displays statistics of page views for each article. Whether these are daily, weekly or even accurate stats I don't know, but if they can be ordered by page views it could be great at emphasising which pages receive the most traffic and should be taken care of.

If you're not a big fan of Wikia features, this change doesn't really affect the site. But if you want to take a further peep into some of the important maintenance points of a wiki, Special:Insights is worth taking a look at.

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